Thursday, April 14, 2011

Baby Center: Your 10 month old, Week 1

Baby Center, you made my week!!  For once I don't have some silly parenting advice to blog about.

Topics of note:

"Overheard in the June 2010 birth club: 'I have a clogged milk duct...'"  So excited to see that other moms of 10 month old babies are still breastfeeding!  Go Moms!!

"Your life: Avoiding Baby Toting Injuries"  Although mostly about how to pick up your baby and hold them properly on your lap, I was pleased to see that the advice for 'toting' your baby was to invest in a good backpack carrier and not to invest in a good all-terrain stroller.

Ok, and one silly topic - Baby Center poll "Is your baby cuter than other babies?"  97% say 'Yes'  Of course they do! All babies are adorable, some are especially adorable.

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