Sunday, March 27, 2011

Your 2-month-old, Week 4

Baby Center has a "does your baby sleep with you" poll.  Guess what.  More babies "always" sleep with their parents than "never," but it's interesting how it's almost 1/3 each: always, occasionally, never.

This was interesting -
 Babies who tend to keep their head in the same position, rub it against the mattress, or bang it against the side of their crib may have more hair loss. 

Bang it against the side of the crib???  I'm thinking a baby who does that might have more issues than just a bald spot!!
Dear BabyCenter,
I'm not worried about why my baby has a flat spot on the back of his head.  He doesn't.  But if he did, it's not because of sleeping on his back at night, as you suggest.  It's more likely from sleeping on his back at night, then being on his back in his bouncy seat, laying on his back on the couch beside me while I hold his bottle in one hand and my IPad in the other, then laying on his back under his jungle themed play arches, then napping on his back in his pack-n-play, then reclining on his back in his carseat to the mall, then being snapped into the "travel system" stroller to walk around the mall, then riding home in the carseat with his cool "bottle prop," then going back to bed to sleep on his back.  Did you know, BabyCenter, that the average American baby is only held about 2.5 hrs per day?  Maybe that's the cause of this "positional plagiocephaly."  And maybe the solution is not more tummy time.  Maybe the solution is babywearing.  Carrying.  Cuddling.  Less hands off and more hands on. 

Just a thought, BabyCenter.  Just a thought.

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