Monday, March 28, 2011

On A Discussion Board Post...

Discussion Board post: My daughter will be turning two in a little over a month. I have read in several places that when they turn two you are supposed to switch them to lowfat milk. Really? I'm worried that she really needs the extra fat in the whole milk still. She drinks 1% milk at Friendly's so I know she will accept it, I'm not worried about that at all, but I don't want to rob her of nutrition she might need. I know the pediatrician will tell me to switch her, especially since my daughter is in the 75th percentile for weight. Anybody who didn't switch their child to lowfat milk at age 2?

Answer from Lactavist and Super-Mom Rebecca: (no, I didn't actually post this) I read somewhere that when you child is one you can switch them to cow's milk (it had better be whole) and at 2 you can cut back to 2% (you don't want them getting fat). What do you think about keeping your kid on 'whole human milk' for as long as they need those added nutrients? I'm pretty sure it has all of the correct nutrition and fat content levels. BTW – did you know that most adult humans are intolerant to cow's milk? I think that means we no longer need those nutrients from milk and we can get our calcium, etc. from other, ie vegetable, sources. I'm sure most kids will accept cow's milk in any form (especially when you add chocolate or strawberry syrup to make it as sweet as human milk is naturally) but you really don't want to rob them of the nutrition they might need up to age 4 or 5. I know that your pediatrician may tell you 'it's time to wean' but if they do, you should report them to the AAP who recommend BF until 2 years (and after as long as mutually desired) and then you should find a new pediatrician. Anyone who didn't switch their child to cow's milk (at any age)?

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