Saturday, March 26, 2011

Parents Magazine April 2011

Parents magazine april 2011: "leashes are for dogs, not kids. You wouldn't put your child in a crate, or let him poop on the sidewalk, right? If you have a bolter, invest in a cheap umbrella stroller with a buckle.."

Thank you for telling me that my child should not be put on a leash.  (enough said) but maybe you should re phrase the crate part....have you seen the cages on the market? And l'll do you one better. Talk to your child, find out why they run and discuss the consequences. If they are old enough to run, they are old enough to understand. And if they still run? Try wearing your child in a carrier. Not only will they stay put, but it might give them an added sense of security being physically close to you.

Also, thanks for your article: is your child gifted or just smart. The descriptions were just vague enough to apply to 75% of readers. And the other 25% will go on to think their kids are "just smart". Let's think realistically. I understand that each child is special and perfect in his or her own way, but you are encouraging parents to over look other talents in favor of "smarts" that the child may or may not have. A better indication of your child's genius potential? Were you and your partner gifted, smart or just plain "average"?

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