Wednesday, May 4, 2011

on poop

I'm amazed by the cavalier attitude some moms have to their child's constipation. Constipation is not a normal state it indicates a problem in the diet that needs to be addressed.

Yet another example:

Hi all, how many poopy diapers are normal for a 13 month old? I have twins that are often going 4-5 times a day, is this nomal?

L is a healthy pooper too...that is when he isn't I would say he usually goes at least 3x a day. I would also bring it up with your ped to see if its a concern...but Im thinking not!! I cant believe those girls are 13 months already!!! :)

Lactavist and Supermom Rebecca
"...that is when he isn't constipated..."?  How often is your toddler constipated?  What are you feeding him (or not feeding him) to make him that way.  We have encountered 'constipation' twice in 10 months.  The first time was just a normal bowel frequency change, it wasn't actually constipation. We were understandably concerned when W stopped moving his bowels 4-5 times a day and abruptly switched to 4-5 times a week. The second (and only close example) occurred when DS had a sinus infection and was slightly dehydrated and on medication.  Even that was just harder stool than what we normally saw - he wasn't truly 'constipated' in the sense that he skipped a movement.

A few tips?

Decrease the frequency of constipation by:
a) delaying solids until your baby has at least 1 tooth and is 6 months old
b) breastfeed - exclusively - until your baby begins solids
c) continue to breastfeed until your child is able to wean naturally. Breast milk is high in water content and has natural laxative properties (btw it also combats all of the leading causes of diarrhea)
d) offering water before laxatives.  Water and fiber are proven ways to combat constipation. Why not try a natural dietary remedy before a medical laxative.

On a side note: In case you were wondering it is perfectly normal and acceptable to discuss your child's bathroom habits with other supermoms.

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