Tuesday, May 3, 2011

On a discussion board post

I've been trying to make an effort not to judge others' parenting styles.  I had to restrain myself on this one.  In particular I believe that this shows the gaping opportunity for education among new and experienced mothers as well as the need for reform among current 'health care' practices.

My 6 month old is suffering with hard stools ... Thankfully he is passing them but they are hard and round and he is so uncomfy at times. (waking every hour or so thru the night and sleeping on his side with his knees to his tummy) He also really gassy. He is on Soy formula and has started solids ... rice pablum, whole grain rice pablum, apple sauce, pears, carrots, beans, sweet potatoes and prunes.... we are getting close to introducing meats. Doc suggested giving him lax a day ... ie ... PEG powder. (I am allergic to it and it makes me really uncomfy) We switched to soy when my son developed diarreah when he was on milk formula. I was thinking of putting him back on the milk? Any ideas? Suggestions?

Lactavist and SuperMom Rebecca: First, if your child had severe diarrhea on cow's milk formula they are lactose intolerant.  Re-introducing this type of formula to counteract constipation is ludicrous. Second, constipation is not just something that 'happens'  there is a root cause that can be addressed.  I am appalled that the doctor did not first suggest reducing or eliminating the solids in the baby's diet before resorting to a laxative.

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